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Re: The following packages will be REMOVED:

On Mi, 14 nov 12, 10:48:10, berenger.morel@neutralite.org wrote:
> My opinion is that Debian offer a very nice of doing things for
> releases:
> _ one stable release, like the one you can find in proprietary
> software world, with a consequence of stability, ease of use, and
> you know that there will be no features added or removed which
> mess-up your system. Except if you install it, of course.
> _ a testing rolling release, reliable enough for simple users in my
> opinion. You will have more recent stuff, which means you can see
> features appear or disappear, but it will not (at least, I have not
> seen that) have broken dependencies.

I don't agree here. Some situations that are non-issues for you 
(experienced unstable user) can be show stoppers for unexperienced 
users. I would not recommend testing to persons without experience with 

> _ an unstable rolling release, for people who do not mind broken
> dependencies and/or softwares. It does not happen very often,
> though, because there is also the experimental "area" where things
> are tried before. But experimental is not usable alone, unlike
> unstable or testing.

(not snipped to preserve context)

Kind regards,
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