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Re: The following packages will be REMOVED:

On Wed, 2012-11-14 at 10:11 +0100, Jochen Spieker wrote:
> Ralf Mardorf:
> > On Wed, 2012-11-14 at 08:23 +0000, Jon Dowland wrote:
> >> 
> >> I suspect what is happening is the transition from ia32-libs to multiarch, and
> >> the non-free 3rd party packages have not been updated to work with the multiarch
> >> way of doing things.
> > 
> > The disadvantage of upgrading from one release to the next release and
> > the disadvantage of rolling releases.
> This has more to do with the disadvantage of non-free software or
> external repositories in general.
> > I can't speak for this particular case, but sometimes it seems to be
> > less work to make a new install.
> … which won't help in this case.

If it's a transition issue, why wouldn't help a install of the release
version the OP wants, instead of upgrading from another release version?

It doesn't matter what exactly the culprit is, installing the new
release instead of upgrading from the forerunner will avoid conflicts
caused by another style, policy or what ever. 

> > Btw. the reason for me that perhaps will make me switch from Arch back
> > to Debian.
> Oh, please. You don't understand this particular problem but use it as a
> reason for a switch anyway?  I generelly don't understand why people
> feel the need to announce their switch on this list

This switch has nothing to do with this particular issue, but with
transitions. I'm thinking of not upgrading from one distro release to
another and of not using a rolling release anymore. I'm still uncertain,
but I experienced at least the rolling release model as not working and
I often read about issues when other people upgrade from one distro
release to another.


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