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Re: Guide / Tools

> Yes, there are some useful shortcuts. I guess tty is unimportant at the
> moment, but e.g. Alt+F2 is useful to launch an app and Ctrl+Alt+F7 is
> useful, if a newbie should "lose" the desktop environment. Cut and copy
> shortcuts perhaps are already known

The problem for shortcuts are that they differ depending on user
configuration. Are the ALT+F2 used by all major DE? I only know it is used
by XFCE...

I also forgot some commands, in process management:
xkill => kill the window on which you will click. That tool is very useful
when a sofware crash.
ps -u berenger => show my processes, to help me kill them

And apps for monitoring:
xosview, but it is not a "command-line", it have a "gui"

For playing with the X root window (on windows, you could name that the
wallpaper) there are:
But those are real playing, btw, that's really useless (and so, I must use
them, obvious, no?)

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