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Re: wheezy amd64: google-earth black screen

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
Am Freitag, 16. November 2012 schrieb Hugo Vanwoerkom:

I installed google-earth, but on starting it all I get is a black screen.
Googling this you get 100's of hits, referring to things that I have
Relevant to this I have installed:


with all their dependencies. Yet something is obviously missing :-(
any hints as to what it might be?
Running wheezy amd64 and this seems to be X's only problem...


You must install nvidia-glx from the i386-repöository. Look in the wiki or howtos at "multiarch". You have to set up a multiarch environment.

On the other hand you can do as I did (I am lazy). I removed all nvidia-
packages and installed the nvidia-drivers from the nvidia site.

Pay attention, to build the 32-bit part, too.

Hans, I saw your previous post where you say:

"For those with the same problem: My workaround for now is just to deinstall every nvidia package and use the installer from the nvidia site. This let me install 64-bit and 32-bit driver, and googleearth is happily running again."

But when I install NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-304.60.run and then NVIDIA-Linux-x86-310.19.run I get a message:

ERROR: this .run file is intended for the
Linux-x86 platform, but you appear to be
running on Linux-x86_64.  Aborting installation.

How did you install both drivers?

Sorry, my mistake: you simply say "yes" when the nvidia-installer asks whether to install the 32-bit openGl libs... :-(


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