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need how to for debian 6 with postfix

i am using  debian 6. i need a howto for debian 6 + dovecot +
smtp-auth + maildir feature (never mind if dovecot SASL or traditional

actually when i try google with these words. i found lots and lots of
material and even i tried so many howtos but  so far i can play all
aroundr with relay, maildir every thing working great however one
thing making  my life living hell and that is smtp-auth which doesnot
work for me.

smtp-authenticaltion. what i want is instead of putting my network in
"mynetwork" i want
every users whether inside user or any one from outside can always
send email but with password authentication. i dont wana restrict user
by subnet or IP but via user authentication.

i have read ispmail but that howto is on mysql and i want maildir. so
please help.

i tried many configs but failed

no matter what i do my clients are not authenticating. they can relay

so i dont wana paste my config but what wanna do is to reconfigure it
one more time with the help of some experience people who can suggest
me a working howto.


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