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Re: Squeeze on a EEE PC 901, trackpad problems

You will need the xserver-xorg-input-synaptics package, so you can use synclient.

Just run $synclient will let it show you a list of parameters you can change, when you have found the parameter you want, you can adjust it, just read the man, it is small enough to be readable. Of course, this will not be a definitive change, so you will have to write the line in a script which will be run at each XFCE startup. IIRC, there is a tool in xfce where you can add commands automatically ran at start-up.

I hope I gave you enough details

Le 17.11.2012 04:05, zxcvbob a écrit :
I just installed Debian with the Xfce desktop on a EEE PC model 901.
I've got things working pretty well, but I can't enable tap-to-click on the trackpad. I go to Settings->Mouse in the Xfce menu, and there is no tab or checkbox for tapping. I'm guessing I need to enable something in X?

(I just barely know what I'm talking about) I've run Ubuntu Linux
before, but that was preconfigured.  I have never tried to set
everything up myself.

Thanks, Bob

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