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Re: New Dovecot and Kmail

Am Montag, 12. November 2012 schrieb Darac Marjal:
>   On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 10:24:47AM +0200, David Baron wrote:
> >    Every version upgrade of Dovecot causes config problems (running Sid). I
> >    hand edited the doveconf -n stuff in after choosing to keep my old .conf
> >    and not being able to get the choice again. Got it working, finally.
> If you're using dovecot in sid, you should have noticed that it's
> migrated to the conf.d/* style configuration. Put any modifications YOU
> make into a separate file (say, 99-local.conf) and revert the upstream
> files to as shipped. That way, when you upgrade, the conffiles will get
> upgraded cleanly and your configuration will override the debian
> defaults. The hazard of doing that, though, is that if a configuration
> variable is removed or your config becomes invalid, you won't be told.

Ah, finally.

I use a dir include command already cause I never understood why I should merge my changes into that gigantic main configuration file on every update.

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