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Re: New Dovecot and Kmail

On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 10:24:47AM +0200, David Baron wrote:
>    Every version upgrade of Dovecot causes config problems (running Sid). I
>    hand edited the doveconf -n stuff in after choosing to keep my old .conf
>    and not being able to get the choice again. Got it working, finally.

If you're using dovecot in sid, you should have noticed that it's
migrated to the conf.d/* style configuration. Put any modifications YOU
make into a separate file (say, 99-local.conf) and revert the upstream
files to as shipped. That way, when you upgrade, the conffiles will get
upgraded cleanly and your configuration will override the debian
defaults. The hazard of doing that, though, is that if a configuration
variable is removed or your config becomes invalid, you won't be told.

>    KMail seems to be getting my imap stuff but get and error box each time:
>    Error while getting folder information.
>    Unable to get information about folder ~/mail. The server replied: Mailbox
>    isn't selectable
>    No combination of namespace prefix, kmail imap account namespace, etc,
>    seems to change this. Any ideas??

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