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Re: extending LV with JFS online

Am Freitag, 9. November 2012 schrieb Tomáš Hulata:

> Hello, 

Hi Tomáš,

> I have question related to extending JFS size to new size
> of LV (using LVM), I found that I have to use  
> mount -o remount,resize
> mountpoint 
> and also that there were some problems related to older
> kernels and in these cases exact size should be used like 

Where did you found that?

The second case should be needed on shrinking a JFS filesystem, you shrink it, before you shrink the logical volume and thus it doesn´t know to what size to shrink.

But on enlarging it can determine the size of the lv cause you enlerge the lv before the fs.

Thats at least what I know and how it worked in my tests. As I do not use JFS regularily it was a long time since my last test for one of my Linux trainings, but that means that it worked this way quite a lot of kernels ago already.

So I think it should be safe, actually safer than manually giving - a possibly wrong size - to let JFS detect the new size of the volume on growing.

> So my question is, if there is some
> outage during this procedure, because this filesystem is exported with
> and I need to do it online without any outage. 
> Does anybody have
> some experiences with JFS resizing?

Two ideas:

1) Backup!

2) Try with a test filesystem.

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