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Re: CPU scaling problems

At Fri, 16 Nov 2012 00:16:22 +0200,
Adrian Fita wrote:
> Actually I use 'conservative' over the 'ondemand' governor. It can be
> tweaked to react more quickly, close to the speed of 'ondemand', but it
> has the nice feature of providing a "cool-down" period during which if
> some task comes along and storms the CPU, the CPU is already at maximum
> speed, so no need to scale up; this helps with minuscule (but
> noticeable) interruptions in multimedia apps (with video is most
> noticeable).
> Give 'conservative' a try, you might like it.
> Here are the values that I use (install 'sysfsutils' and put them in
> /etc/sysfs.conf):

Thanks!  I saved this message and I'll go through your links at some point.


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