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Re: CPU scaling problems

Hi Mark,

At Thu, 15 Nov 2012 12:36:48 -0600,
Mark Allums wrote:
> Sorry, I should have said, Have you tried *another* monitor tool besides
> 'stress'?

`stress' is not a monitor tool, it just spawns processes doing `sqrt' in a loop
or something like that.  I also tried with `openssl speed' and a simple `while

With `conservative' or `performance' the CPU scales up correctly (well, with
performance it is always scaled up).  With `ondemand' it doesn't.

This has noticeable consequences: compiling is slow, flash videos are sluggish.
So I do have a problem.  And I want a governor that scales down my CPU,
especially on battery.  I could stick with `conservative' but I'd like to get to
the bottom of this since `ondemand' is usually the best option for modern CPUs.


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