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Re: help with keyboard, lost at GDM-login?

On Thu, 15 Nov 2012 13:37:20 +0100, lalberts <lukas_alberts@web.de> wrote:


it is because the squeeze is in a messi state..

it does not start the services as it should..
in the recovery mode as root and startx the networkmanager is not there, it
does take the usb-sticks and whatelse more.
in the normal boot procedure i found a way to get in..
at the gdm3 screen i can open the screen-keyboard as accessibility tool.
there i can login as user.. once in, i am still without the keyboard.. but i
have the networkmanager working.
but!!  trying to reinstall packages needs my to enter my password for
administrative tasks and then my screen-keyboard is disabled.. so, i keep
there in some stupid situation..

i am afraid i will get ubuntu 12.04 lts, and stick for it for 5 years until
the next LTS comes..
no debian stable or whatever..
keep with virtualbox  and never again virt-man..

i am sure my laptop is now in an interesting state for you linux experts,
but i am sorry
i need to work with it..
my second machine is to get help but not for working.
for sure ubuntu will also have its secrets, but nothing serious happened in
the last 8 years..
that is also why i did not get linux proficient.. that is the only advantage
of Debian,
by time and problems you have to learn.


Did you already try to set up xorg.conf for the keyboard? A long time ago I had to buy an USB mouse, because my PS2 mouse didn't work with Debian, xorg.conf didn't help. However, xorg.conf might solve your issue.


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