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Re: help with keyboard, lost at GDM-login?

Le 14.11.2012 11:19, lalberts a écrit :
it worked once.. but after shutdown and reboot with normal kernel,
the problem is back. no keyboard, no way to type a password or to switch to
a shell.
trackpoint is working.
so i have to hard-shutoff the laptop and restart in recovery mode.
doing the dkg-reconfigure gdm3, it tells me, scheduling the reconfig?
but there is no process gdm running (or gdm3, ps aux | grep gdm ? right?).
of course since i am in recovery and in a root shell.
doing the reconfig helps only once, wenn doing CTRL-D to continu boot
then on GDM i can login as user..
OK, as a user i will do the reconfig once more..


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I was sure that this would not change a lot of things. You will have to remove the offending packages, as I explained in my last mail (#aptitude purge <package>).

About the ps, it only list process started by your actual user, started by the actual terminal. As gdm is not started by your terminal but by login, and as root, you will not see it. To see all processes, run "ps -A" and for processes of only one user "ps -u <user>".

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