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Re: help with keyboard, lost at GDM-login?

You can do #dpkg-reconfigure gdm, but I am not sure it will solve your problem.

What do you mean by "keyboard off"? Can not you switch to a TTY (CTRL+ALT+Fxx with xx being 1-6) ? If yes, then, you are not able to boot in recovery and you can just kill gdm (#killall gdm or #/etc/init.d/gdm stop should work) before doing the reconfigure stuff.

If your problem happen after having installed "lib-virt" I think the best solution is just to remove it. On a TTY, as root, you can do that by using both "#aptitude purge lib-virt", "#apt-get remove lib-virt" or even using the ncurses aptitude's interface by typing "#aptitude" (here, use "/" to start a search, and '-'/'_' to 'remove'/'purge' a package. Use '+' to add one, 'g' to see what you will do and 'g' again to confirm)

Hope it helps.

Le 14.11.2012 10:29, lalberts a écrit :
i cannot login anymore since my keyboard is off (squeeze 6.0.6 on TP x201)
it got disturbed after lib-virt installation with synaptics.
i am a newbie, so be diligent. what can i do?
i can reboot in the recovery kernel and have a root shell. what then?
what is the gdm reconfigure command?

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