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Re: Gnome3 and Wheezy.

As Worrier Poet already has written. A lot of us dropped KDE4 and GNOME3
at the time, they changed their policies. I first switched from KDE3 to
GNOME2 and then from GNOME2 to Xfce. Shortcuts to resize the view do
work for Thunar, Xfce's file browser. Such shortcuts depend to the
applications you're using, the view shortcuts are at least common for
all web browsers I know.

The absolute majority seems to be fine with those changes, OTOH many
users, not just a small group, who don't need software that's only
available for Linux, do switch to other *NIX, when several distros
already switched away from the old faithful init daemon.

Regarding to insane DE's, others at least switched to special versions
of their preferred distro, e.g. Ubuntu folks switched to Xubuntu, when
Ubuntu switched from GNOME2 to UNITY.

At the moment I'm annoyed, since I again run into hardware issues, but
while Linux switched to a lot of crap, there are also a lot of good

Forget your issues with GNOME and switch to Xfce4.

IIRC there are two forks of GNOME2, at least there's Mate.


I never tested it. In the past I used all kinds of "experimental" DEs
that are used by only a few people, e.g. e17. Such DE's are a PITA. I
can't say anything about Mate, but I've got prejudices. I preffer to use
a DE with a huge community, such as Xfce and Lxde, whereas Xfce4 is very
close to GNOME2.

You can run Epiphany on GNOME3 and Xfce too.

2 Cents,

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