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Gnome3 and Wheezy.

I have been looking forward to the update of
my favourite operating system Debian  from
squeeze to wheezy.

I thought it would be interesting to update
one of my machines ( an  amd64 bit ASUS), 
and I have just spent two days trying to use
the new desktop Gnome3.

I have been SO disappointed that at this
moment I am re-installing squeeze.

I was sorry to see that the very useful 
GNOME web-browser Epiphany has been replaced
by a very  stupid and noisy game of that 
same name.  I had some difficulty getting
rid of it.

I have poor eye-sight, and make much use of
"CTRL shift +"  to magnify that which I need
to see,  and "CTRL -"  to reverse.  This was not possible in many GNOME3  cases.

Please why can we not have a choice of the
new-fabgled desktop (for those who like it)
and the old, well tried Gnome desktop for
folks like me ?

I have been using the "old"  version of the
Gnome desktop ever since they wrecked KDE3
and introduced KDE4.
I think that the KDE exampled was abad one,
but has been repeated.

Best wishes.



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