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Re: Noob Question :-/ ....

William A. Mahaffey III grabbed a keyboard and wrote:
> On 11/12/12 18:24, David Guntner wrote:
>> Ok, try this just for grins.  Edit your /etc/mtab file, and add the
>> following line:
>> /dev/ad6s1 /mnt/ad6s1 ext2fs ro 0 0
>> (I'm following your example from ad4s1; ordinarily with a Linux kernel
>> that would just be "ext2").  Also, you can try "rw" instead of "ro" if
>> you want to see if it can write - again, since your (I'm assuming
>> working) entry for ad4s1 has "rw" on an ext2 file system.  Then as root
>> do a "mount /mnt/ad6s1" and see if that mounts the partition.  If it
>> does, then a "ls -la /mnt/ad6s1" should show you the contents.
> Nogo, vi griped that the file was read-only when I opened the file
> (which I thought to start with) .... I tried to save it w/ ':wq!' from
> vi after the changes & got more croaking (it said the file had been
> written since I edited it), so I chickened out .... The more I think
> about, the more I think ext2/3/4 is *not* supported by the kernel ....
> grub uses the boot partition (ext2fs), then boots the actual kernel,
> which wants UFS on its root drive, & I am almost certain that the *BSD's
> don't support ext2/3/4 for writing, only for reading ....

I saw your later posting, where it turned out that you weren't using the
"fs" part of "ext2fs" - glad you got that sorted out.

Just as a point of interest for future reference regarding the complaint
from vi, all you'd have to do to clear that up would be to set the write
flag on the file for the file owner, who should be root.  "chmod u+w
/etc/mtab" would do the trick, and then you can edit the file.

Anyway, good luck with the system!


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