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Are there capacity issues with LVM2 on RAID?

I'm about to partition twin 3TB disks.  Some free space (in case I need 
it someday) outside the  main partitions, and one main partition on each 
of the two drives.  These partitions will be twinned as parts of a RAID1 
for redundancy.  On that RAID I plan to install LVM2, and use that to 
mnage partitions flexibly.  Most of these partitions will be ext4.

Someday in the future, this will all migrate to larger disks, when 

I have a similar setup on much smaller disks at the moment.  The obvious 
way would be to add the new huge partitions to my existing RAID, wait 
until they all get copies of the data, and then remove the old ones and 
let the RAID expand.

But I gather that 2T is a critical boundary for fdisk, so I'll have to 
use gparted instead, set up the RAID and LVM (I gather gparted won't do 
LVM.  Has this chaned?), create new ext4 partitions there, and copy old 
data for new drives.

Are there such boundary issues with LVM?  with software RAID?  Should I 
move to 48-bit or 64-bit block numbers?  And if so, how to specify that?

I can probably figure out ways to get this all done, but I'd like to ask 
about potential pitfalls before I start.

Are there other gotchas I need to know about?  I'll probably be stuck 
with my new setup for several years at least.

-- hendrik

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