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Re: samsung or android device causing crash?

On Fri, Nov 09, 2012 at 07:34:18AM +0000, Dom wrote:
> On 09/11/12 00:46, Tony Baldwin wrote:
> >On Thu, Nov 08, 2012 at 07:27:59PM -0500, Tony Baldwin wrote:
> >>I've been having occasional lock ups.
> >>The screen will blank out like X has crashed and I see a tty login,
> >>but still see a mouse pointer, but can not type to login, and the
> >>mouse pointer will be stuck.
> >>Can't get any input to machine with keyboard (like to switch to another
> >>tty even), etc., so I reset or do a hard shutdown and reboot.
> >>
> >>I dig into dmesg, and the only common thread I'm seeing is that it
> >>happens when my Samsung Galaxy is plugged into the machine to recharge
> >>it.

If your computer has crashed, and you hard reset it, then there was
probably no chance for any debugging information to be written to the
logs. I would possibly suggest attempting to SSH in and see if the
machine is responding, but if it's getting triggered by USB, then it's
likely to be a kernel issue, which means that won't work.

> >
> >Okay, I've looked in /var/log/kern.log
> >I think I found relevant stuff just before this latest lock-up.
> >I grabbed a whole bunch of it, mentioning CD-ROM, usb mass storage device and Samsung
> >(it's a phone, not an optical drive).

Looking at that, the USB connection is particularly flaky. "Device not
responding to set address", "WARN: short transfer on control ep" and so
on. One thing that strikes me here is that it's the XHCI driver
complaining. XHCI is the USB 3.0 driver (USB 2 is EHCI and USB 1 is
either OHCI or UHCI, depending on your motherboard). USB 3 is fairly
new, so a newwer kernel might help. That could be a red herring, though.

> I can't help with the issue, I'm afraid, but I can shed a little
> light on this.
> The phone contains an image of its "Driver CD" and presents this to
> the USB host as a CD-ROM, as well as presenting itself as a mass
> storage device.
> The idea is that you can just plug the phone into your PC, it sees a
> CD drive with the drivers disc in and installs them (and,
> optionally, any additional software). Then it sees the device
> properly. This is usually for Windows users.

You might try installing the usb-modeswitch package, which should tell
the USB device "I don't need the fake-CD any more".

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