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Re: samsung or android device causing crash?

On 09/11/12 00:46, Tony Baldwin wrote:
On Thu, Nov 08, 2012 at 07:27:59PM -0500, Tony Baldwin wrote:
I've been having occasional lock ups.
The screen will blank out like X has crashed and I see a tty login,
but still see a mouse pointer, but can not type to login, and the
mouse pointer will be stuck.
Can't get any input to machine with keyboard (like to switch to another
tty even), etc., so I reset or do a hard shutdown and reboot.

I dig into dmesg, and the only common thread I'm seeing is that it
happens when my Samsung Galaxy is plugged into the machine to recharge

Okay, I've looked in /var/log/kern.log
I think I found relevant stuff just before this latest lock-up.
I grabbed a whole bunch of it, mentioning CD-ROM, usb mass storage device and Samsung
(it's a phone, not an optical drive).

I can't help with the issue, I'm afraid, but I can shed a little light on this.

The phone contains an image of its "Driver CD" and presents this to the USB host as a CD-ROM, as well as presenting itself as a mass storage device.

The idea is that you can just plug the phone into your PC, it sees a CD drive with the drivers disc in and installs them (and, optionally, any additional software). Then it sees the device properly. This is usually for Windows users.


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