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Re: samsung or android device causing crash?

On Fri, Nov 09, 2012 at 12:27:59AM +0000, Tony Baldwin wrote:
> I've been having occasional lock ups.
> The screen will blank out like X has crashed and I see a tty login, 
> but still see a mouse pointer, but can not type to login, and the 
> mouse pointer will be stuck.
> Can't get any input to machine with keyboard (like to switch to another
> tty even), etc., so I reset or do a hard shutdown and reboot.

You may get some mileage out of "Raising Elephants" -

I suggest you first do a SysRq + R to get control of the keyboard
back, then attempt to switch to a TTY.  Once on a TTY, you may be able
to log in and run "dmesg" to get the very latest kernel messages -
i.e. those that have not (necessarily) been written to disk.

If you cannot log in, at least you can follow the rest of the REISUB
sequence to avoid the filesystem checks on the way up again...

> I dig into dmesg, and the only common thread I'm seeing is that it
> happens when my Samsung Galaxy is plugged into the machine to recharge
> it. 

I assume you mean /var/log/dmesg ?  If so, this will only contain the
stuff written around boot time. For subsequent kernel messages, you
should probably study /var/log/kern.log - and courtesy of syslog, this
should have timestamps.

> I'll see something about a new usb device connecting, and unable to
> enumerate device, or some such thing.
> I really have a hard time making sense of dmesg, anyway.
> Mostly I think I'm just seeing what happens when I reboot the machine, 
> locating drives, usb controller, blah blah.
> I don't see anything that says "error", and there are no human-readable
> time signatures...Perhaps I'm misinterpreting what I'm seeing.

Depending on your kernel options, there may be something that
resembles a timestamp: number-of-seconds-since-boot prefixed.

> The usb connection to the phone is so iffy and/or fickle, I remove the sdcard and
> use a cardreader to transfer stuff.

> Sometimes it beeps like it's freshly connected just bumping the table
> (loose cord thing), incessantly. So, I'm wondering if it's the phone causing the problems.

Sounds like a suspect USB cable to me. That will be worth
eliminating. Although I'd not expect your linux box to crash as a
result of it...

> 3F330C6E
?? PGP key fingerprint ending!?  Somewhat unusual

Hope this helps
Karl E. Jorgensen

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