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Squeeze|Cups: pdftops and high CPU load


I'am admin from a poolroom with 100 diskless clients from a university and have problems with Cups under Squeeze and high CPU load, if students printing PDFs (which is mostly the default case) . I can see that the process "pdftops" takes 100% CPU for several seconds or up to 3-4 minutes, which depends on the options and pagesize from the original PDF. I didn't recognized it last (~12-15) months, because the clients had it's own Cups Daemon, so the processing was done on the client side, I think ... But I switched to the Cups broadcast setup, for easier maintaining printers.

So, I googled a lot and found in the Ubuntu Bug pages, about poppler vs. gs  etc .. or http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-2022997.html ....

Is that also an option under Squeeze? Where I can see the actual settings? lpadmin doesn't have any options, to print out the settings ...

cu denny

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