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Re: Custom Grub-install on a Floppy

On Thu 08 Nov 2012 at 08:13:56 -0600, Martin McCormick wrote:

> 	I have a system that constantly reverts back to the
> wrong boot order and I need to monkey-wrench it to boot off
> CDROM so as to upgrade it to wheezy.
> 	As a computer user who happens to be blind, this is a
> major pain. Get the monitor. Find somebody to watch it and ask
> them  to go in to CMOS setup and reorder the boot sequence and
> then save. If you only have to do that once per computer, it is
> tolerable but eventually, this otherwise functional computer
> won't boot off the CD and we have to do it all over again.

Ok, your BIOS is uncooperative. This is almost the same siyuation as
having a BIOS which cannot boot a CD/DVD.
> 	I want to declare a truce and put a floppy in that will
> call the CD. I think this can be done but all the documentation
> I find is either very narrowly targetted or doesn't explain
> the why of grub-install well enough to figure out what to do.

I'd suggest you don't want to do this, whether it is doable or not.
There are two ways I can think of but let's have some more information
first please,

1. What is on this CD of yours? If it is a Debian image, please say
   exactly which one it is.

2. Can the BIOS boot a USB stck?

> Where are some linear English sentences that de mystify what we
> can get grub-install to do?

Involving grub-install isn't necessary, but which bit of

   grub-install [OPTION] install_device

requires de-mystifying? With a floppy I'd expect

   grub-install /dev/fd0

to do the job. 

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