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Re: Custom Grub-install on a Floppy

Tom Grace writes:
> I'm not sure about that, but you might have an easier time customizing
> an existing cdrom chainloading floppy image.

	I will look some more because I was more or less leaning
that way.

> I found http://schierlm.users.sourceforge.net/bootdisk/ and you might be
> able to remove some functionality from it to get what you want.

Thanks very much.

> Another (unrelated) thing to check is the condition of your CMOS
> battery. You may find that you can replace that and solve the root 
> problem.

	That system is old enough that the battery could be a
problem. It does still keep the correct time, however after
having been shut off for a few days but the boot order may be
the first thing to go. Generally, I've noticed the clock starts
to slow before the settings also die.

	Again, thanks for a starting point.


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