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Re: [OT] debian package maintain tutorial

On Sunday 04,November,2012 11:18 PM, T o n g wrote:
> On Sat, 03 Nov 2012 17:13:21 +0000, Lisi Reisz wrote:
>>> For more than one year I wish to pick up some package to maintain but
>>> has never proceed further.
> Exactly my situation as well, just I've been wishing for years.
>>> I don't know it's a problem or not, such as I can figure out the
>>> meaning of (a+b)(m+n)=am+an+bm+bn then reading:
>>> "to multiply two sums you must multiply each term of the first sum by
>>> each term of the second sum and then add all the products."
>>> It's so easy for me to get lost in words.  especially manual.
> Very powerful illustration. Totally agree!
>> Join the Debian Women list*, and ask for a mentor.  They help men as
>> well, but are particularly keen to help women because they feel that
>> women are under-represented.
>> This scheme is there for precisely your situation.
> I guess I'm not that lucky then. lina, hope you blog along your way (or 
> find something better), so people like me and us can benefit from your 
> more-practical writing style. 

I am a bit nervous cause I am not sure whether there is some sense of
ironic tone inside it or not.

I subscribed to the debian women list after one day hesitation.

Personally, I have some complex here.
6~7 years ago I started my graduate study, at that time, my supervisor,
a woman, precisely a lady professor, the first thing she told me was
that "lina, don't treat yourself as a girl."
As it's easy to guess what it implied.
One thing started puzzling me later, I worked very hard which was
something I enjoyed, and I did better (at least I felt) than another
boy. But it turned out that she liked that boy far more than me.
And what made me sad was that she thought he did better than me.
I was really sad at that time, so I talked with my mom, she is a woman.
Perhaps woman understands woman better and you could also guess what's
kinda of advice my mom she gave to me.

Here I am very honest to admit that, I have learned lots of things from
boys than girls.
But I don't see the points to separate boys and girls.

And I don't think people liked to be treated as girl or boy in work or
I really don't like this idea.

But still thanks for the recommendation of the list.

I feel sorry about the question I asked, but I do wish there is perhaps
some tutorial for it.
Please also understand that people's mind not programmed the same. We
learned things by different ways. I really had difficulty reading
manuals even I messed up lots of things by blindly try.
I read manual, but just don't get it.

Thanks at the end,
> Thanks

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