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Re: Advice on system purchase

On 10/31/2012 4:48 AM, Jochen Spieker wrote:
> Stan Hoeppner:
>> So again, ARM will never reach the desktop, nor succeed, without full
>> ISV support.  Which, as I stated previously, is why ARM will only have a
>> chance on the desktop if the consumer conditions are right to launch an
>> Android based "PC appliance".  This will provide the same interface from
>> smartphone to tablet to living room PC.
> Not completely accurate. The first ARM machines you are describing are
> already available (Samsung XE303C12), but they run Chrome OS instead of
> Android. ;-)

Actually I was, and am, completely accurate.

1.  This device appears to be little more than a large netbook, all the
software runs in the browser, and it appears all add-on software must
come from Google, at least for now.

2.  Sole source is the opposite of "ISV support"

3.  One product in the market doesn't equal penetration or success

You could have made the same case with netbooks running Windows CE,
Mobile, or whatever the recent version is called.  They predate this
device by at least a year or two.  And AFAIK they run apps independently
of the browser, making them much more "desktop PC" like.  My knowledge
of them is limited as I find them to be a useless fad gadget, and have
thus never owned one.

An ARM based laptop style device with a quasi full sized keyboard is a
step in the right direction.  Maybe this device might one day evolve
into something more like the "PC appliance" I described, or even a full
fledged desktop PC.


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