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Re: Advice on system purchase

On Lu, 29 oct 12, 21:06:36, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> The second big reason is that neither Microsoft nor ISVs will profit
> from a non x86 CPU architecture entering the desktop space.  Supporting
> ARM would simply cost them money.  So there's no incentive to support
> ARM, thus it's dead before it gets started on the desktop.

AFAIU Windows 8 will be available also for ARM.
> Third, "Wintel" is more than just nickname.  It's already not in MS'
> interest to support ARM, and it's definitely not in Intel's interest, so
> when Intel says "don't do it", it's dead.

While the Atoms and the -bridges are much better at power consumption 
then their predecessors (and even at performance / Watt compared to ARM 
as far as I recall) the ARM processors are still using significantly 
less power, while their processing power is *already* good enough for 
tablets and low power laptops.

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