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Re: Advice on system purchase

Stan Hoeppner <stan@hardwarefreak.com> writes:

> most of the time, and a faster CPU doesn't make Thunderbird or Firefox,
> IE or Outlook express, go any faster.  Nor any of the standard desktop
> apps.

Sure it does.

> 90% of users would benefit more from a low wattage dual or even
> single core CPU, with an SSD instead of a rust drive.

SSDs are a waste of money unless you do have the workload to benefit
from them.  And if you have that, where do you store your data?

Instead of going back to single-core CPUs, it would be nice if we had
more options to choose from with the particular CPU we have, i. e. turn
off cores to save electricity or turn them on when we need better
performance.  The same goes with graphics cards --- I'd like to have one
that turns completely off when I'm not using it, gives sufficient
performance at low power consumption when I'm just running an X session
or use a console and has awesome performance when I need it for a game
I'm playing.  The attempts are there, only they don't go far enough.

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