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Re: Advice on system purchase

Marc Shapiro <marcnshap@gmail.com> writes:

> if it will stay up without locking.  The new desktop will be using a
> modern MB and DDR3 memory.

Given your budget constraints, you're looking at getting used hardware
off ebay (or maybe craigslist, depending on where you live ...).  You're
also locking at getting at least two more 1TB hard disks so you can use
RAID and make backups.  So look out for something used that comes with
at least one 1TB disk and a better graphics card.

How many cores you get at what speed is somewhat irrelevant under budget
constraints.  You might be able to get away with smaller disks.  We
neither know how much data you have, nor what your requirements on
processing power actually are.

So you're looking at something like this:

It comes with 4 CPUs with 2 cores each at 2.2GHz, two fast 72GB each
hard disks and 8GB of RAM for less than US$200.  You get server class
hardware with more than sufficient power for your needs which you can
use for quite a while --- and this is only an example.

Look into it, it's probably your best option if you can find such offers
where you live.  You'll get more power for your money than you could
when buying stuff new.

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