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Re: ALSA website

On Vi, 26 oct 12, 19:34:36, steef wrote:
> On 26-10-12 18:47, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> >I think this may be the difference. Can you please post the output of
> >'ldd your_mplayer'?
> here it comes:
> >steef@squeeze:~/mplayer$ ldd mplayer


As far as I can tell a lot of these libraries are installed from outside 
> mmmmm: if you compile the sourcecode it starts as you know with a
> check put down in a file. in this check_file you can find back all
> the possibilities the program, when installed, after make and sudo
> make install, will be able to.

Ok, here's what I know about compiling stuff from source (this may or 
may not apply to mplayer though):

After unpacking the source tarball you usually only have to run:

    make install

The 'configure' script is analysing your system for installed 
*development* libraries and configures the source accordingly[1]. In my 
experience the 'configure' script is quite verbose and you can look at 
its output to spot disabled features due to missing development 

[1] usually some features can also be disabled manually, but this is not 
relevant here

If my description above is familiar and you are interested in building 
mplayer as much as possible with Debian libraries[2] then please post 
the output of ./configure (or equivalent).

Or you can just ignore me and wait until you can download the ALSA 
sources again ;)

[2] There are advantages in using Debian libraries as much as possible, 
but you may have your own reasons to diverge

Kind regards,
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