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Re: ALSA website

On 26-10-12 14:23, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
On Vi, 26 oct 12, 13:35:10, steef wrote:
hi folks,

cannot download the latest (source) alsa-drivers from their website.
three different machines (squeeze 1x and sid 2x) tell me they cannot
download the drivers because of an 'unknown fault' i need them for
installing into the kernel, so that (svn) mplayer recognizes them as

Mmm, unless you are running some special kernel the alsa drivers are
already included in the kernel. Could you please provide more details
about the "mplayer recognizes them as installed"? Preferably with exact
error messages ;)

Kind regards,

hello andrei,

thanks for your answer. i know the drivers are included in all the kernels i use and can be used by the debian-adapted mplayer-version. however, since ancient times almost, i prefer the svn download version from *their site* in hungary (?). that version does not see the kernel-drivers under squeeze, my production machine. so, up till driver version 1.24 i downloaded the source-code of the alsa-driver, alsa-library and alsa-utils. the driver i compile, make and install in /usr/src. the library and the utils in my home-directory. this makes that the downloaded mplayer-svn-version can see the driver. (i can of course control that by reading the ./compile && file.
that is the reason i need the drivers from their website.
unfortunately i can reach the alsa-website as usual; but somehoew for a longer time already, it has become impossible to download the driver, library and utils-source. that is the reason i put my (i guess too compact) question on the debian list.



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