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Re: ALSA website

On Vi, 26 oct 12, 16:30:09, steef wrote:
> thanks for your answer. i know the drivers are included in all the
> kernels i use and can be used by the debian-adapted mplayer-version.
> however, since ancient times almost, i prefer the svn download
> version from *their site* in hungary (?). that version does not see
> the kernel-drivers under squeeze, my production machine.

Do you compile it yourself or is it pre-compiled?

>                                                           so, up till
> driver version 1.24 i downloaded the source-code of the alsa-driver,
> alsa-library and alsa-utils. the driver i compile, make and install
> in /usr/src. the library and the utils in my home-directory.
I think this may be the difference. Can you please post the output of 
'ldd your_mplayer'?

> this makes that the downloaded mplayer-svn-version can see the
> driver. (i can of course control that by reading the ./compile &&
> file.

I don't understand this part.

Kind regards,
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