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Driver issue: ASUS NX1101 gigabit PCI adapter connection issue

I have installed a ASUS NX1101  gigabit PCI ethernet adapter features
jumboframes: wharever that is. LOL.
mY question is that I downloaded the latest drivers for RealTek from
stable "backports" & tried/did/ install them. They do not work with this
card.  The readme file on the driver that works from ASUS is listeds
as : This is the Linux device driver released for RealTek
RTL8169S/8110S, RTL8169SB/8110SB, and RTL8110SC.

The instructions asked for me to remove the driver from Debian for the
r8169 which I did. I also removed the entire firmware driver that
containes it. I was able to get the card to working manually by
following their instructions. However. I have to redo the manual
installation every time I shut down the system. PITA: I can send the
driver to anyone that has the skills to offer assistance. I prefer to
have it 'debianized" but someone telling me how to get it to setup when
the system is rebooted would be OK as well for now. I will also be happy
to send intel or files to the firmware developers so that they may
incorporate this new card.

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