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Re: How to update

On Jo, 25 oct 12, 19:41:54, Edwin Zarthrusz wrote:
> Can you send me a straight-forward list of commands for updating and 
> applying any necessary security patches and such on my install? And is 
> there a way of getting it to update automatically?

Additionally to what has been mentioned already I will add packages 
unattended-upgrades and cron-apt. However, please mind that simply 
upgrading your system automatically is not enough to keep it secure. 

Just two examples I just thought about (but there are probably many 

- programs affected by security updates need to be restarted, otherwise 
  you will still be running the old version. For kernel upgrades a 
  reboot is needed.

- some security issues can/are not handled by upgrades. For example in 
  the past it happened that some packages could not supported anymore 
  from a security point of view. There was simply a mention on the 
  debian-security-announce list, where users were advised to stop using 
  the program.

Kind regards,
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