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Re: please put not all into multiarch!

Hello Mark,

Mark Allums <mark@allums.com> wrote:
> However, there are still packages that depend 
> on it.  Therefore, you need it if you have one of those packages.

Which packages?

>  The 
> Joker in the deck is that it has screwed up dependencies itself, and it 
> really should not be in sid.

Sid, by definition, is broken.

>  If your system has a lot of packages 
> installed, like mine, you have to enable experimental, then install it.

I have to admit I did not look into that any further, but, yes, the
dependencies are rather screwed up: ia32-libs:amd64 depends on
ia32-libs-i386, which is only available in the i386 architecture (and
then able to pull in other i386 packages).

> (When I naively install the transitional update, I got about thirty 
> *:i386 libraries and about a dozen packages from experimental upgraded 
> or installed.  I am very nervous about it.

ia32-libs (the old amd64 package) contains many, many i386 libraries
- in order to get _all_ of them, it has to depend on all these i386
libraries, which in turn means that they all have to be
multi-archified - this takes some time.



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