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Re: First attempt to use preseeding

Jon Dowland wrote:
In my experience, preseeding is pretty awkward. My advice: start
from scratch, try to guess the right thing to put in in order to
answer the first couple of questions, try it. Did those questions
get answered?  Then add a few more for the next few questions.

I guess I didn't explain my problem to well. I doing some thing very basic wrong. There seemed to be a good description of use preseeding in Brian's post on 9/3/2012 in thread titled "Preseeding from USB". It appears to me that my preseed.cfg file is not being read at all. My only changes to the example preseed file were to physically move some line that were already commented out and using an alternative value in some lines (I.E. commented out one line and un-commented its alternate).

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