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Re: motion: problem finding codec

On Sat, Oct 20, 2012 at 10:12:45PM -0400, H.S. wrote:
> Here is what appears to have changed since my last night's upgrade:
> [UPGRADE] ffmpeg:amd64 7:0.11.1-dmo5 -> 7:1.0-dmo1
> [UPGRADE] gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg:amd64 0.10.13-5 -> 1:0.10.13-dmo1
> [UPGRADE] libxine2-ffmpeg:amd64 1.2.2-4 -> 1:1.2.2-dmo3
> [UPGRADE] libavcodec54:amd64 7:0.11.1-dmo5 -> 7:1.0-dmo1
> [UPGRADE] libavdevice54:amd64 7:0.11.1-dmo5 -> 7:1.0-dmo1
> [UPGRADE] libavformat54:amd64 7:0.11.1-dmo5 -> 7:1.0-dmo1
> [UPGRADE] libavutil51:amd64 7:0.11.1-dmo5 -> 7:1.0-dmo1
> Could this have broken motion?

You said something "out of the blue" stopped motion working, when in
fact it was an upgrade. 

My suggestion(s): 
(1) remove deb-multimedia.org from /etc/apt/sources.list
(2) purge all deb-multimedia.org packages.
(3) reinstall motion.

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oppressing." --- Malcolm X

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