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Re: Syncronize Samsung S5230 with PC

2012/10/21 Mika Suomalainen <mkaysi@users.sourceforge.net>:
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> Hi,
> On 20.10.2012 20:00, Gábor Hársfalvi wrote:
>> Could anyone help me about getting my S5230 internal memory with
>> USB connecting?
> My phone allowed me to mount sdcard to computer when I installed
> mtp-tools and mtpfs.
> I'm not sure about internal memory. I think that it cannot be directly
> mounted to computer unless you are using some FTP server on your phone
> and connect to it from computer (might require root) or you use "adb
> push" and "adb pull" to receive and send files to it.
> ADB is available in package android-tools-adb.
> PS. I am on Debian Sid and I don't know does this work with Squeeze or
> Wheezy. You forgot to mention which release you are using :). Oh, and
> my phone is Samsung Galaxy 5 (GT-5000(?) which is currently running
> Cyanogenmod 7.2 (Android 2.3.7), but when I had the issue that it
> didn't mount to computer it was running Cyanogenmod 9 (Android 4.0).
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> 6YSWKcw14aSierdE5WIO
> =ZY25

"'My phone allowed me to mount sdcard to computer when I installed
mtp-tools and mtpfs." -> I installed this but not helped yet, after
connecting the phone.

As I wrote, S5230 is not a smarphone - it doesn't have an operating
system like Android.

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