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Re: [OT] Intelectual Property Law

On Ma, 07 aug 12, 09:39:54, Celejar wrote:
> > to be very important/inovative/etc. actually had a hard time getting 
> > published. How many others did not make it?
> Not sure what you're saying here - do you mean that the creators
> couldn't publish because there was insufficient perceived interest
> (and they didn't have the funding / determination / interest to
> self-publish), or because they transferred the rights to a publisher
> who sat on the works and declined to do anything with them?
Both, but probably the former is more common.

> > The internet levels the playing field and basically allows anyone to 
> > publish their works with minimal resources. Eventually the content 
> > consumers may realise that the value of a creation is rarely directly 
> > proportional to the resources invested in creating, replicating and 
> > distributing it.
> Agreed, but I'm not sure how this effects our disagreement about the
> legitimacy of the (current) intellectual regime. If they feel the value
> is less than the amount charged by the creators to recoup their costs,
> they're free not to purchase the works.
I did not question the legitimacy, but the future-proof-ness of a 
business relying on distributing copies.

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