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Re: Blu-ray drive unable to detect media

On Fri, 03 Aug 2012 03:46:04 -0400, Gary Dale wrote:

> I am working with an older computer that has a blu-ray writer attached
> through a PCI SATA card for making backups.
> What's happening is that every now and then it fails to mount the
> blu-ray disc. Once this happens, it gets stuck into that mode until I
> power down the computer, wait a few seconds then restart it. Simply
> rebooting won't fix it, but the power cycling does.
> Until it's power cycled, it fails to detect the media in the drive.

The machine can be experiencing a hardware issue, rather complex to debug 
from remote.
> I'm looking for a better way of handling this error since the machine is
> at a remote location and I don't have remote power-on capability. Is
> there some software command that can reset disk controller (the blu-ray
> writer is the only thing connected to it)?

Given the hotplug nature of SATA, what you could try is rescanning for 
the optical unit. I never did it before but there has to be "how-to" in 
some place (searching...). Ah, look this:

Resetting SATA devices under Linux

But I wouldn't do it unless there is someone in the other location (at 
least for the first tryout) just in the event something fails.



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