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Re: Update the dpkg's status database

Hello Slavko,

Slavko <linux@slavino.sk> wrote:
> LANG=C dpkg --list jarwrapper
> No packages found matching jarwrapper.

> LANG=C dpkg-query --load-avail --list jarwrapper
[jarwrapper is shown]

> Please, is here simple way to update the status database?

How about using it? dpkg-query(1) clearly states:

              Also load the available file when using the --show and
              --list commands, which now default to only querying the
              status file.

So to use --list on uninstalled packages, you need --load-avail
(which is only understood by dpkg-query, but not dpkg). Since
dpkg is normally meant as tool for _local_ package administration
(installation of .deb, removal of packages etc.), which does not know
about package files available elsewhere but not locally installed,
this makes perfect sense.

You can also use -p (--print-avail) which is more-or-less identical
to apt-cache show.

Maybe you can refine for what exactly you’re looking?

Best regards,

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