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Re: Update the dpkg's status database


Dňa Sat, 4 Aug 2012 13:01:26 +0200 Claudius Hubig <debian_1208@chubig.net>

> How about using it? dpkg-query(1) clearly states:
>        --load-avail
>               Also load the available file when using the --show and
>               --list commands, which now default to only querying the
>               status file.
> So to use --list on uninstalled packages, you need --load-avail
> (which is only understood by dpkg-query, but not dpkg). Since

Ah, yes. It is my misunderstanding (or my outdated knowledge?), because i
never see the problem with uninstalled packages before now. But i don't
used it for some months.

> Maybe you can refine for what exactly you’re looking?

I am using it in my personal script for querying the package description
for translation by email interface of the DDTP. It is used for checking
that the package exist, to prevent typo in package name (and querying
nonexistent package) by checking the existence of the package in database.
I am using the query of the available database now for this.



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