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Re: Tools in Debian to create whole disk image (multiple partitions)?

On Mon, 23 Jul 2012, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Jul 2012, Gary Dale wrote:
> > compressible. You can also zero the empty space on the main
> > partition, which should make it also compress quite well.
> > BitShredder can do this. If the partition has the free space zeroed,
> > it should compress down to a manageable size.
> On most filesystems (not on btrfs, for example), "dd if=/dev/zero
> of=somefile bs=1M ; rm somefile" (as root)  will happily zero all the data
> area in the filesystem that hosts somefile (provided it is otherwise idle).
> Zeroing stale metadata areas is filesystem-version-specific, dangerous, and
> not worth the effort.

Ah yes, better disclaim it: that's for spinning rust and RAM-based
drives only!  Don't do it on solid-state devices with limited
write-cycles such as FLASH-based devices (i.e. SSDs, pendrives, SD

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