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Re: Tools in Debian to create whole disk image (multiple partitions)?

On 23/07/12 02:07 AM, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
On Du, 22 iul 12, 22:41:52, Gary Dale wrote:
So what you really need is a copy of the files on /boot and /. You
don't need the swap space and you don't need the empty space in the
main partition.
Nope, what I really need is something that would fit here:


Kind regards,
In that case, simply do a dd but limit the number of blocks written to 2G worth.

If you zero the swap partition first, this will make the file more compressible. You can also zero the empty space on the main partition, which should make it also compress quite well. BitShredder can do this. If the partition has the free space zeroed, it should compress down to a manageable size.

After you've created the image, compress it.

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