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Re: getting gnome 3

On 07/07/12 07:20, cletusjenkins wrote:
  >  You'll have to use Gnome3. You can use it in "Gnome Classic" mode
  >  (fallback) for now, but it has been strongly hinted that that option
  >  won't be available for much longer.
  >  I've switched to XFCE, as Gnome3 was too much of a PITA to try and use
  >  on my laptop (I used pinning to keep Gnome2 as long as possible, but was
  >  missing out on important updates). XFCE is sufficiently "Gnome2" like
  >  for me, once I'd tweaked a few things.
> -- > Dom

Yes, it seems both Gnome and KDE want to become eye-candy, touchscreen shells to launch "apps" instead of a fully functional desktop for a graphical workstation. I lost faith in gnome when they rolled out gdm3. They removed a shit-ton of nice features and customizability to make a dumbed-down, microsoft-esque blandness for what seems to me no good reason.

I know I go against most people when I say that now I've gotten used to Gnome3 I really like it and would not want to go back. It may be that I run a two screen set-up, but for me the really nice features are

a) The management of the workspaces - particularly the ability for me to keep my secondary screen constant whilst I switch around workspaces on my primary screen. During the day I normally fire up my mail program (thunderbird as it happens) and leave it there and immediately have access to it, I then sometime am working with a windows virtual machine on one workspace, perhaps other things in another. If ever life gets too complicated with too many open windows on one, I just drag them down to a new workspace and carry on.

During the evening, I can watch TV (via Mythtv front end on one screen) and still continue working with multiple workspaces. Even when I want to switch windows, the TV continues in the slightly shrunken windows that gnome displays whilst I do

b) I've gotten used to flicking my mouse to the top left to have all the windows open to switch to another window. If its a full screen app, where the hotspot doesn't work the logo key on my keyboard has the same effect. In fact I am now so used to it, that I find it frustrating when I am sitting inside my windows virtual machine and can't do the same thing there.

c) the ability to drag to either side (of either screen) to get a window to size at exactly half size of the screen you've done that on.

I find that except very occassionally, the 12 programs that I have in my dock cover everything I use on a day to day basis. So all my normal applications are there. Even when my work shifts focus for a few weeks its pretty easy to switch which programs are .

I must admit, I used to be really frustrated with the fact that there was only a suspend and not a power off - but now the shell extensions are available to add that facility back I don't have any issues at all. I don't miss the taskbar or the minimize button, and so far I haven't missed the menu either.

Alan Chandler

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