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Re: getting gnome 3

 > You'll have to use Gnome3. You can use it in "Gnome Classic" mode 
 > (fallback) for now, but it has been strongly hinted that that option 
 > won't be available for much longer. 
 > I've switched to XFCE, as Gnome3 was too much of a PITA to try and use 
 > on my laptop (I used pinning to keep Gnome2 as long as possible, but was 
 > missing out on important updates). XFCE is sufficiently "Gnome2" like 
 > for me, once I'd tweaked a few things. 
 > -- 
 > Dom 

Yes, it seems both Gnome and KDE want to become eye-candy, touchscreen shells to launch "apps" instead of a fully functional desktop for a graphical workstation. I lost faith in gnome when they rolled out gdm3. They removed a shit-ton of nice features and customizability to make a dumbed-down, microsoft-esque blandness for what seems to me no good reason.

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