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Re: getting gnome 3

On 08/07/12 04:13, cletusjenkins wrote:
  >  I know I go against most people when I say that now I've gotten used to
  >  Gnome3 I really like it and would not want to go back.  It may be that I
  >  run a two screen set-up, but for me the really nice features are
  >  --
  >  Alan Chandler
  >  http://www.chandlerfamily.org.uk

I'm not the best person to argue against gnome because I still use it on my main laptop (2.3 on stable). I have LXDE on most of my home systems because they are a bit on the old and slow side (much like myself). But I haven't tried gnome3 much. I tried it in a vm to play with for a while, but my main experience of it was when I upgraded my laptop from debian 5 to 6 (I stuck with 5 for a looong time). My laptop originally came pre-installed with Ubuntu so I tried the latest version of it for a couple of days, and ran screaming for the hills after that experience.

Lets take this back to the list rather than have a private conversation!

You don't say why you wanted to run screaming to the hills. Sure the interface is different to what people have become used to in the past and it took me a few weeks to get over the hill of expecting the old way of it working. But now I have this new way I find it better for the reasons I stated.

What I am not really hearing from people how say they don't like is why their way of working is slowing them down in Gnome3. There is lots of "I don't like it" but not much of "this is why I don't like it" (other than the argument that its just different).

Alan Chandler

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