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Re: Filezilla a security risk

The posts about how there are other risks from malware and keyloggers
is true enough.  I never claimed that avoiding filezilla would make the Windows
system secure.  But if you have your doors and windows open, and want
to reduce the chance of theft, then I'd say filezilla is like a patio
door wide open
on the scale of opportunities and the prevalence of the exploit.

The prevalence of a risk and the ease of executing the exploit
is what matters first.  Whether it is possible to do
something else matters, but less.  The greatest risk
is with what is currently happening in high frequency and has
a high likelihood of reoccurring.  Debian Security Advisory
doesn't have this, but Redhat and Malware advisories rank
threats in terms of ease of execution, popularity in the wild
and severity of the damage which could result.

In my work place, people have thanked me for this warning.  Even IT
people who work Information Systems are glad to know of this risk and
did not know of it before.

In the workplace, people use Windows and Unix.  They do not have
the luxury of being as dogmatic as some Linux users.  They are
mostly interested in working practically.

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