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Re: the ghost of UEFI and Micr0$0ft

> I can get the source and modify it.  But I can't exercise my freedom
> by actually running it.  I can't *use* it.  Not unless I pay some
> money for a special key.  And get "authorised" to run my own code on
> my own computer.
> Let's be clear what this is.  I have to get *permission* from someone
> else, to run a program on my own computer.  To actually use my
> computer to do my stuff, I have to take extraordinary steps to get
> someone else to grant me access.  That's *fundamentally wrong*.

This would be a huge absurdity and a profound injustice. We have to *boycott* all hardware makers who are going to stupidly lock their
hardware (if they are ever going to do that; hopefully they're
intelligent people). And let's raise our voices *before* they do,
sending tons of mails to them, saying that we would refuse to buy their
things again if they did bow to absurd MS requests, and that we would
tell everyone to do the same - even to MS users.

It's just too *ridiculous* how a big, a huge software company, that
theoretically could afford to create one of the best software around,
is just acting like a stupid, childish, fearful braggart, just being
able to erect concrete walls in defense of its obtusely built world.
They could *learn* from the creative and constructive ways of FLOSS,
and still sell their things and make money, but no, just fearfully
locking everything.

We are not going to allow that. And we *must not* allow this UEFI thing
to break the FLOSS community into fragments, into sub-communities that
verbally fight against each other's choices. «Devide et impera» -
divide and rule: that's an old technique for winning wars and that's
what is happening now. We must not allow that, seriously.

All the best,

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