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Re: Troubleshooting Debian

I am subscribed, no need to Cc.

Am Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012 schrieb terryc:
> On 05/06/12 03:55, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> >> I know this will be a rather difficult thing to answer I think, but
> >> are there any generic steps
> Nope. It really depends on the error/problem.
> The beauty of *nix is that it is compartmentalised and rarely does a
> problem in one "cause" a problem in another.
> It is basically a matter of experience leading you/or hinting to, the
> correct area.

You responded to someone else. I did not write this. I find this quite 
confusing and myself always only respond to the first level of quoting. 
Thus for me this would have been two response posts.

> > I am not aware of anything available that is able to replace the own
> > ability to *think*. You have a brain. Use it!
> Blunt, but typical of the Debian community.

Why? I really do think that. I am not aware of any do this or do this 
howto which replaces the own thinking about a problem. And above replying 
to someone else you do not think there are generic steps.

Without generic steps one needs to think… thats at least my oppinion.

And even with Cut & Paste HOWTOs one needs to think.

> > Aside from that there is the Debian Reference and lots of other
> > excellent documentation and books about Debian.
> One day I might find those.

The Reference is easy to find. Good books? I think there are some.

But I am not aware of one which doesn´t require a clear will to learn new 
concepts. Linux/UNIX is not Windows. And Debian even may have a higher 
learning curve as other Linux distribution as it doesn´t try to hide that 

I am not sure how a book could work around that.

> > or some other good book while gaining your own experience by
> > practically using and administering Debian systems.
> I've told O'Reilly that their books are rather useless for trouble
> shooting or learning for the average person.

In what way is this related to the two books I mentioned? Did you even 
have a look at them.

None of it is published by O'Reilly.

> Personally, lurking in a list like this and reading the problems,
> suggestions and solutions will teach you an enormous amount of
> practical problem solving.

Yes, I agree with that.

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